Determining Financial Goals

Achieving financial goals requires planning and strategy. We help our clients plan for their futures by setting reasonable parameters. Combining strategic resource allocation and effective budgeting, we help them reach these goals over time.


Building Investment Strategies

Once we have determined our client's goals, we start building an investment strategy to best meet those needs. Each strategy is tailored to the client based on their complex requirements, cash flow, risk  tolerance, time horizon, and any other unique factors.



Creating Customized Portfolios

Investment portfolios requires constant due diligence. Regular client communication and portfolio monitoring ensures that any new requirements are captured and incorporated into the investment strategy.


Managing Financial and Investment Risks

Managing risk is an essential part of achieving our clients' long-term financial goals. Each investment is scrutinized for inherent risk factors such as business risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk, and any other associated risks. With this in mind, we strive to optimize client portfolios by minimizing the associated risks in achieving their targeted goals.


Navigating the Maze of Financial Products

There are approximately 4,330 listed companies, 4,760 mutual funds, 1,700 exchange traded funds (ETF), and over 5,000 hedge funds in the United States alone. According to the World Bank, there are roughly 43,000 listed companies around the world. The financial industry is constantly creating new investment products for consumers. With our global expertise, SCT Wealth Management is uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate through it all.